Debunking What You Thought You Knew About Elevators

Aug 25, 2022

Despite how many people ride elevators, a large number of riders are afraid that something could happen during their ride. While most people use them daily with no issues, it doesn’t change the fear and anxiety that occur when it comes to elevator rides. Here are three common myths that might change your mind about elevator safety.

“Elevators Rely on One Rope”

Too many people believe that if one rope snaps on an elevator that it will free fall. Elevators use multiple steel cables and each cable can support the fully-loaded car. The truth is that most of the safety mechanisms in an elevator are hidden. In the movies, it may look like one snapped rope can cause an elevator to fall. This couldn’t be any farther from the actual truth.

“Elevator Doors Can Open Even if The Car is Not There”

You’ve seen it in movies, someone is waiting for an elevator, the doors open to nothing causing them to fall into the shaft. This will not happen in real life. Elevator doors are controlled by the car, when the car reaches the landing, it triggers the doors to open. If the car is not in the correct spot, the doors cannot open on their own. The only way the doors can open without a car is if they are pulled open by an elevator maintenance worker using the proper tools.

“A Crowded Elevator Can Fall”

Elevators are equipped with sensors that won’t let the elevator move if there are too many passengers. In fact, the doors will usually remain open and a buzzer will sound to warn people to get off the elevator. Once enough people are off the elevator, it will function again. In some cases, the elevator may even have technology to distribute riders to reduce overcrowding.

While everyone rides elevators, not everyone knows all of the safety measures involved. The truth is that elevators are safer than people imagine them to be. It makes sense why people have concerns about elevators, but most of it can easily be debunked. For elevator installation or for answers to your elevator questions, contact Elevator Service Inc. by calling 616-229-0207 or emailing us today!