If you own a formidable building or are a property manager for one, it pays to become educated about elevator maintenance. The more knowledgeable you are the smarter the decisions you will make will be. You are also likely to avoid mistakes that could cost you significant sums of money or a large amount of distress. You want the elevator system in your building to run smoothly and seamlessly and you want all of the hard work behind the scenes to be invisible to your clients and employees. Of course, you can always let all of the decisions rest in the hands of an elevator company; however, the more active of a partner you become with this company, the stronger position you will be in for negotiations and other critical decisions.

The Basics of Elevator Maintenance

A regular schedule of visits by the elevator company is key to getting the most out of your system. Knowing the signs of trouble to look for can be helpful, too. As you ride your company’s elevator, look for these telltale signs that may indicate a service call is imminent:

      • Slow operation
      • Excessive noise
      • Unusual vibrations
      • Slow opening of doors
      • Faulty lighting
      • Balky control panel

If you or anyone else notices these issues a call to your elevator maintenance company should be made soon. This avoids an emergency service call which could cost more and could take more time to fix the issue. The last thing you want is to inconvenience your customers.

The Benefits of a Set Schedule

You will want your elevator company to perform preventative maintenance every month or two on vital components. A schedule of replacing parts should be followed to prevent surprise breakdowns. Finally, regular inspections should be conducted to remain in compliance for all safety regulations and building codes.

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