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Safe. Reliable. Modern.

Are elevator shutdowns harming the operation of your building? Are costly repairs challenging your budget? Are your building’s visitors frustrated by long wait times? Could the look of your elevator be lovingly described as “vintage”?

Contact us today to schedule a design meeting or for a free estimate on your new modernization project.

It may be time to modernize your
elevator equipment.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your entire elevator system in one shot or phased over time, Elevator Service will design a modernization strategy for your unique needs. Following your modernization project, your facility will operate more efficiently, and your users will move quickly and safely. Operational efficiencies come from increased reliability, lower energy usage, even distribution of passengers between cars, and system redundancy to maintain operations even if one car goes out of service. Modernized elevator systems benefit the riding public with shorter wait times, shorter travel times, increased ride comfort and car leveling at floor stops.

Elevator Service designs and modernizes elevators with great respect for building operations. We complete projects on time and on budget.

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