Determining Factors in How Many Elevators Your Building Needs

Mar 25, 2023

Elevators make traveling up and down different floors in a building much easier. They are more convenient for individuals with health problems, those in wheelchairs, someone who’s in a hurry, and someone who has a lot to carry. When you’re considering the number of elevators to have installed in your building, do you know what to look at? The following are three factors that can help you make this decision.

How Many Floors Your Building Has

One of the major determining factors in how many elevators you should have installed in a commercial building is how many floors are in the building and how tall the building is. You may not want to make space in your budget for an elevator if the building only has half a second story, and you may want to add to your budget for a second elevator if your building is 12 stories high.

What the Building Is Used For

If your commercial building has a lot of inventory that comes and goes on a regular basis, multiple elevators might make more sense. For example, a multi-level shopping mall would have inventory coming and going on a daily basis to possibly multiple shops within the center. Additionally, there would be customers coming and going all day long. In such a situation, it would make sense to have more than one elevator.

If your building has tenants living in it, you should consider how many people use the elevators every day. They have groceries to carry into their homes, they might have bikes and they might have small children. If there are a lot of tenants, you might consider more elevators.

Building Code Restrictions

It’s important you know the legal factors prohibiting or allowing elevators in your building. Check with your builder to determine what types of restrictions there are and if you can have multiple elevators. This could be the factor that makes or breaks your decision.

Contacting Someone With Professional Experience

If you’re still unsure how many elevators to have installed in your commercial building, contact someone with professional experience. Contact Elevator Service, Inc. by calling 616-229-0207 or emailing us today!